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What’s A Car Key Replacement?

Quite rightly, drivers of high-calibre vehicles are concerned that any replacement sets of keys they have made are strictly accurate and can be used in exactly the same way as the originals. Not only are poor quality keys likely to bend or wear more quickly, if they’re not exactly aligned with the vehicle’s locking mechanism they may damage it permanently! We specialise in cutting keys for premium Cars, Vans and trucks, giving our customers premium copies that work in the same way and have the same profile as the manufacturer’s set.

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Basic keys can be copied at any dealership, locksmith or hardware Laser-cut, or sidewinder keys, are harder to copy and are more expensive than a basic key. The shank of switchblade key tucks inside the fob when it's not in use. Smart keys are the most advanced and most expensive to replace we can provide you a replacement car key at the best rate depending of your car make

Our locksmiths are equipped with the latest technology and trained in non destructive entry of cars. We provide a quick and cost effective service to get you back into your car. We advise against attempting to get into your car yourself as this can often cause more damage and be more expensive than calling out an auto locksmith.

Once we have gained entry to your vehicle we can also provide replacement keys if required.

Somewhere in the 20 to 30 minute range. This varies between vehicles and some could take up to an hour to get a car key replacement cut and programmed.

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if you’ve lost your only set of keys, We can provide you with a replacement and re-program the new car key to match your vehicle. The old key will be de-programmed to make it useless, in case it has been stolen.